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Our Goals

Today, professional dental care is not a privilege but an essential part of our personal and professional life.

We believe we can make complex and professional dental services available for everyone at a reasonable price. We understand that every patient is an individual and as a personal host, we aim to take care of all your needs during your stay and surgery. We would like to contribute towards the improvement of your personal and professional life.

Budapest, the dental capital of Europe, where our professional team will provide the right treatment for a wide range of dental procedures, for prices 50-70% lower than in western European countries. Budapest is easily accessible by low cost airlines from almost anywhere in Europe.

Give us a chance whenever you are ready to smile!

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Why Hungary, Why Budapest

First of all, Budapest is the capital of dental tourism in Europe. It has a significant background in the discipline of dentistry, as it has had its own dental university for more than 150 years. Dental tourism in Hungary started in the 1980s with Austrian clients first; 10-15 years before such services in other Central and Eastern European, post socialist countries. In 1981, the first Swiss clinic was founded in Hungary. Later on in the early 1990s, German, Swiss and Italian patients also discovered these opportunities. The cost of treatments are competitive, but the level of quality is the same as in Western European dental clinics, which is made possible by the expertise of Hungarian doctors. After low-cost airlines appeared, Budapest became reachable directly from almost all big airports in Europe.

Secondly, since Hungary is a member of the European Union with all the conveniences provided, EU rights and obligations are valid. Hungary is a stable, safe and constantly growing country.

Thirdly, Hungarian doctors are regarded as a highly skilled and educated workforce all over the world. They are renowned for their professional skills, state of the art clinics and affordable prices. Citizens of Germany, Switzerland and Britain visit by hundreds every day and more than half Austrians, who have needed dental work, have had it done in Hungary.

Lastly, dental treatment is such a sensitive process. Many of us prefer to be alone during the most critical period of procedures and to contact relatives and friends after partial, or full recovery.


The Clinic

Our clinic is among the most qualified and experienced dentistry in Hungary. For over 20 years the doctors of the Breier-Clinic have shown a wealth of experience; with thousands of successfully treated clients. Former clients have expressed their satisfaction with the personalised care that they’ve received and especially appreciated our "painless" process of treatment*.

Our surgeries are equipped with the latest multifunctional dental chairs and uses the most modern ultrasonic steriliser machines.

A new generation of digitalised X-ray machines are used to ensure that our patients are subjected the lowest levels of radiation and are protected from harmful exposures. The surgery rooms are clean, air-conditioned and decorated for your comfort. We consider it very important to treat every patient in a professional manner and to provide a safe environment.

The clinic is fully in line with EU requirements (93/42 European directive) and all materials used meet all ISO 9001 requirements.

* Upon your request anxious patients can use conscious sedation, allowing the patient to remain awake. Therefore, enabling our dentists to finish their work quickly and with precision. After surgery, doctors use completely painless soft laser treatment, which helps accelerate regeneration of the gum tissue.

The Team

The Team

In our dentistry we have an experienced and professional team to tend to all your needs. The leader of the clinic, Dr. Laszlo Breier is outstanding in implantology. More than 18,000 dental implants have been completed in the Breier Clinic, which can ensure the success of your treatment.

Our creed: We understand that every patient is an individual and as a personal host, we aim to take care of all your needs during your stay and surgery. We would like to contribute towards the improvement of your personal and professional life. Give us a chance whenever you are ready to smile!

Why choose us?

  • We focus on qualitative dental treatment.
  • We are a private clinic NOT a dental brokerage.
  • Our dentists are all highly qualified with international experience.
  • We offer considerable financial savings compared to Western European prices.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • More than 20 years experience of implantation.
  • Thousands of fully satisfied patients over the last two decades.
  • Our friendly team helps you to organise your trip without any additional costs.
  • Our clinic provides you with free airport transfer.
  • We give you a mobile phone during your stay to consult your dentist for FREE.
  • We make it as easy for you as possible!
Dr. László Breier Leader of the Clinic / Master of Dental Implantology

My name is László Breier, I was born in 1961. I graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Semmelweis. I had always been interested in dentistry as a profession. Even during my academic years I treated patients. My main endeavours in my work are precision and rapidity. I started my own practice in 1987.

In 1989 I became a Specialist in Dentistry and Stomatology, then in 2005 in Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics. I am proud to be one of the first 15 dentists in Hungary who successfully accomplished a Master Course in Oral Implantology at the University of Münster, Germany, in 2006.

I consider it important to always be up-to-date in the latest methods of dentistry, therefore, I always attend further training about osseo-integration (Bio Oss-Geistlich) and paradontal regeneration.

I have been doing implantations since 1992. I only use implant systems, which I’m informed by the market about, in advance. Out of all those Camlog is the preferred system, as it is proved to be the most innovative and reliable system on the market.


Dr. Endre Hunyár
Dr. Tibor Pálóczi
Dr. Anna Breier
Dr. Zsuzsanna Tósa
Dr. Gabriella Tóth
Dr. György Várnai


Zita Czinkné Schuck
Éva Hargitainé Manhertz
Mónika Péterné Hipeller
Mária Simon
Adrienn Szabó
Jánosné Velencei


Ákos Balázs
Kálmán Pobori
Mónika Szabó
Lajos Szegedi

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